Go Green Electrically’s Mission Statement

Go Green Electrically will empower the consumer to compare products from an energy efficiency, carbon emissions, customer ratings, and cost perspective. Go Green Electrically will provide a means to purchase the most electrically efficient electrical goods available on the market. Go Green Electrically will allow manufactures, stores, and vendors a medium or platform to promote and sell the latest green technology available. Lastly, we will educate the consumer on saving electricity and helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Go Green Electrically will provide consumers a one-stop-shop for green energy products/solutions where they can compare products by price, efficiency and environmental impact.  Go Green Electrically will provide environmentally conscious vendors, manufacturers, innovators and suppliers an online platform through which they are able to connect, showcase, and sell their products and solutions to consumers.

“Consumers May Not Be Able To Control The Price Of Energy, But Consumers Can Control How Well It’s Used.”